Thursday, May 14, 2009

My tune dis Week..

Quite bored this week actually, cramp with all the revision for the exams.. so, need LARGE dosage of music to calm me down.. haha..

These are the listed of song that I’ve been repeatedly listened to this whole week..

1. Soulja Boy - Kiss Me Through the Phone
2. Aizat - I Go
3. Mohd Jayzuan - Si Dia
4. Avanged Sevenfold - Dear God
5. Nightmare of You - I Want to be Buried in Your Backyard


  1. ader lg...the minstrel -right into my eyes...

  2. hhehhe
    promot nmpk..
    weh buhsan2 dtg r seri mas mandi
    ajak lie

  3. ceh ckp org nk jadi aizat..pdhal dia..blah ah weh..ak benci blog ni..hua3

  4. wow..combinaTion lagu2 yg menarik...ley bwt satu lagu yg pnjg...

    dear God,
    si dia, kiss me through the phone,i go and i want to buried in your backyard.