Thursday, November 5, 2009

one day at putrajaya..

it been a while since my last post.. x sibuk mana pun, tp ntah.. haha.. malas da!
too lazy la kot..pic bnyak amek juz xde masa nak upload kat sini..

kepada rakan2 yg telah sound aku, "wei, knp aku tgk blog ko cam da ade sarang labah2..?!", aku ucapkan terima kasih sbb ade jgk yg ikut blog aku.. hehe..

so, ni yg latest.. gmbar time graduation day 'si dia'..
went there to see her and also to accompany her mother there..
well, enjoy the pic.. and dear, congratulations.. =)

their first chat after a while didn't see each other..


with some of her friends..

their proud mothers and sister..

them together..